Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dealing with Diabetes.

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic.

A World Health Organization (WHO) article proclaims Type 2 Diabetes: An Epidemic Requiring Global Attention and Urgent Action.

As of The 7th Edition of the Diabetic Atlas of the International Diabetes Foundation, there are 387 million afflicted with diabetes worldwide today.

The article Is Diabetes Becoming the Biggest Epidemic of the Twenty-first Century? provides a richer variety of statistics to substantiate its title.

An interesting spectacle a couple of days ago in South Bangalore made me realize how Bangalore is
Make-Shift Testing Desk
coping with this epidemic. A healthcare industry employee in Bangalore sets up a temporary, make-shift, desk near public areas such as community parks. At this desk, the employee administers glucose measurement and blood pressure measurement for ₹30 ($0.45) and ₹20 ($0.30) respectively.

This setup is at the instance of a local hospital — name withheld by request of the employee — which, I presume, hopes that the individuals that got tested would eventually go to the hospital for any future medical needs. A useful service, I'd say.

How much of an education the tested individuals get through this testing episode is another matter. After all, you cannot improve anyone's life in an effective way unless the person gets sufficiently educated as well.

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