Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is the [Karnataka State] Government for the People?

When you read the article titled Karnataka govt to foot Ambareesh's Rs 1.16-cr medical bill, you have to wonder what kinds of considerations prompted the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to sanction reimbursement of ₹1.16 Crores.

  1. Is it that all cabinet ministers of a state deserve this kind of treatment?
  2. Can the ministers not buy adequate medical insurance?
  3. Are the ministers public servants, or liabilities for the state exchequer?
  4. Is it that all ministers of the 29 states and 7 union territories are sanctioned similar medical reimbursements?
  5. ... and, so on.
And, don't ignore the statement in the article, either, which I quote:
However, in case of Ambareesh, the rule was relaxed as his family decided to take him to Singapore.
How does the family's decision to take Ambareesh to Singapore for medical treatment obligate the state government to relax rules? Is the citizenry going to accept this without any debate?

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