Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bangalore and a Specialty Snack (ತೇಂಕೊಳಲು).

Although Bangalore is famous for Masala Dosa, there are many other tasty snacks that are somewhat unique to Bangalore in general, and South India in particular.

One such eatable is known in Kannada as ತೇಂಕೊಳಲು — pronounced tenkolalu, see inset picture — and, being able to enjoy a home-made version of that snack in America is a very special treat.

Recently, a very special "guest"1 to our home in California blessed us with not only her visit, but with ತೇಂಕೊಳಲು and a whole host of other snacks. (If you know how to read and understand Kannada, you can read about it on a separate blog).

My best wishes to you, the reader, that you get a chance to enjoy this savoury soon.

1I have used the word "guest" only to avoid needless publication of the guest's identity.

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